Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Restaurant Review: Carmel's Restaurant and Bar

Travelling cross-country via I-10 with gluten and casein intolerances was not very easy. But alas, we are in Asheville now, and it's only getting better here by the day.

After stopping off to visit with family in Texas and Georgia, we finally arrived in Asheville on Saturday evening. So Sunday morning we were more than eager to go downtown and meet our new city.

We looked online for a list of restaurants that would allow us to sit outside with our big dog, Waylon. And we walked around a while to see what all was available.

Taylor's parents had reminisced about a wonderful meal enjoyed at Carmel's Restaurant, but at first glance we imagined that the alfresco eatery would be beyond our price range. Finally after a stroll to size up our dog-friendly options, the host at Carmel profusely complimented Waylon's good looks--which, of course, demonstrated his impeccable taste and causing us to like the place instantly.

After a quick perusal of the menu, we realized that the lunch price list at this fine restaurant was not at all shocking, not even a little bit appalling, rather, it was modest. Not bad at all.

Our waiter was very understanding about my food sensitivities or "allergies" as I usually call them at restaurants. But I decided to make things easy and ordered just a plate of grilled ham and bacon. What can I say, I'm a meat eater.

Taylor, who does not always adhere to a sympathetic gluten-free diet on mine and Waylon's behalf, ordered shrimp and grits which he is still raving about, calling it "the best meal he's ever had." And though my plate looked far less impressive, I've got to say, I am still puzzled as to how that bacon was so incredibly good.

If I were a less picky eater, I imagine there would have been more options available to me besides the obvious meats or bunless burgers, but honestly, I'd go back and get the same thing all over again. The service was wonderful, the atmosphere at our sidewalk table was ideal for a summer day and I still don't know why that bacon was so darn good.

Carmel's Restaurant and Bar is located at:
1 Page Avenue
Suite 129
Asheville, NC 28801