Friday, May 29, 2009

Greenlife THE G-free Asheville Grocery?

For reasons of price and availability, I have become accustomed to shopping at not one, but two major groceries here in San Francisco: Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

At Whole Foods I can find Waylon's beef-free, gluten-free raw dog food, some local produce and Kinnikinnick gluten-free breads. But at Trader Joe's I can buy Two Buck Chuck Chardonnay which is vegan--and therefore casein free--and obviously just $2 and awesome chicken apple sausages packs for $4.

So while it does require two trips, I've got my San Fran shopping down, but where will I shop once we're in Asheville? Well, for those of you who are local, you already know much more than I do, and suggestions are quite welcome. But for those who are just visiting, let me tell you, I can't seem to hear enough praise for Greenlife Grocery. So much so that I've even developed a twinkle in my eye when I hear a house we are considering is near Greenlife!

I've not yet been to this much-praised grocery, but here is what I hear:
-They are even more progressive than Whole Foods.
-Local foods like produce and meats abound.
-They offer classes and events.
-And they are a valuable asset to the community.

Okay, I'm sold. On June 12th, the day we arrive after a cross-country journey, while Taylor is fast asleep recovering from the drive and I should be too, I'm guessing instead that Greenlife is where I'll be. Seriously, I may just be a little bit grocery-store-obsessed.

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leah mcgrath said...

Ingles Supermarket has a larger selection of GF items
also has GF sections and green and white GF tags.