Monday, July 6, 2009

Restaurant Review: Havana Restaurant

While this weekend, we went back to gluten-free fav, fine dining restaurant Carmel, we did manage to stray from what's becoming our norm the weekend prior with a trip to downtown's Havana Restaurant on the corners of Battery Park and Page.

We chose Havana's because there were open tables outdoors and it looked like a nice, relaxing setting for casual dining. I was immediately impressed by the assurance of our waitress that they could prepare gluten-free chips for me, and even more so when the delicious chips arrived!

The staff was so kind and accommodating and I had no ill reactions from my meal, which featured some combination of rice, chicken and, my favorite--plantains!

It was probably not the best meal I'll have in Asheville, but for a comfortable outdoor eatery with great chips and salsa, it sure hit the spot!