Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gluten Free Baby Donuts

As we pack up, anticipating our return to the south, memories of my childhood are awakened. Memories of Sunday mornings in New Orleans. Memories of baby donuts.

Mimi's Deli was near our house, and though they did not have the widest selection of groceries, they did have the best quality beef around and a very special treat in their freezer section: packages of small, cinnamon and sugar sprinkled donuts, which after a brief warm up in the toaster oven were divine!

I have not eaten a donut in years, but now that I can't (because of gluten), I do sometimes walk past the fresh boxes of donuts and dream.

So I was utterly shocked when in the freezer section (next to the g/f waffles) of my local Whole Foods Market, there was not one, but two different flavors of gluten-free, casein-free donuts!

Of course, I had to opt. for the cinnamon and sugar "baby donuts" by Kinnikinnick, maker of my favorite gluten-free bread.

-a little bit too sugary, but then I don't eat much sugar anymore, with some wiped off, they're perfect!
-they took a bit longer to heat in the microwave than the package indicated, though I wonder if they'd be even better made in a toaster oven?
-I LOVE that they're not at all greasy and have just 4.5g of fat per donuts.
-Overall, great tasting, great texture, not guiltless, but not too unhealthy either.

A perfect Sunday morning treat from time to time!

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