Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vegan, Gluten-Free Inspired Cookies

With just two weekends left before our cross-country move (yay!), I attended one final west coast gluten-free event this weekend. And while telling you about the beautiful, gourmet Draeger's Market in Blackhawk is not going to do you much good. I did discover some incredible new gluten-free, casein-free, vegan cookies that you can order online from just about anywhere!

And actually, I liked these cookies so much, I just may start passing them around to local Asheville shops to see if anyone will sell my favorite gluten-free cookies.

I am incredibly impressed by The Inspired Cookie founder/baker Sarah Gill. She is a graduate of Natural School of Cookery in Boulder Colorado, and even before her attendance there, she wrote a book called The Beginners Vegan Guide. So naturally, Sarah knows her stuff. Which is how she can create cookies with no eggs, no butter, no dairy and no xantham gum that taste amazing, and when packaged, can last up to three months.

Sarah's cookies are large, cakey and everything a cookie should be, with, of course, just a little bit more than meets the eye. A true baking genius, Sarah has created 12 flavors, all of which will give your taste buds a very pleasant surprise.

The Inspired Cookie flavors include:
  • GRACE- Almond Lemon Poppyseed
  • BLISS- Raspberry Chocolate Chunk
  • EXCITEMENT- Coconut Key Lime Cayenne
  • REJUVENATION- Chai Ginger Chunk
  • RADIANCE- Orange Chocolate Chunk
  • TRANQUILITY- Lemon Lavender
  • JUBILIANCE- Double Cherry Chocolate Chunk
  • COMFORT- Snickerdoodle
  • CLARITY- Peppermint Chocolate Chunk
  • ENLIGHTENMENT- Mocha Chocolate Chunk
  • JOY- Cranberry Pecan Orange Zest
  • WARMTH- Mayan Hot Chocolate
  • MERRY MINT- Candy Cane Chocolate Chunk
I just can't wait to have a dinner party and put out a platter of these exotic and delectable, gluten-free treats--the surprise and reactions will just be fabulous!

You can purchase Sarah's Inspired Cookies at www.TheInspiredCookie.com.

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