Monday, July 6, 2009

Restaurant Review: Havana Restaurant

While this weekend, we went back to gluten-free fav, fine dining restaurant Carmel, we did manage to stray from what's becoming our norm the weekend prior with a trip to downtown's Havana Restaurant on the corners of Battery Park and Page.

We chose Havana's because there were open tables outdoors and it looked like a nice, relaxing setting for casual dining. I was immediately impressed by the assurance of our waitress that they could prepare gluten-free chips for me, and even more so when the delicious chips arrived!

The staff was so kind and accommodating and I had no ill reactions from my meal, which featured some combination of rice, chicken and, my favorite--plantains!

It was probably not the best meal I'll have in Asheville, but for a comfortable outdoor eatery with great chips and salsa, it sure hit the spot!

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Anonymous said...

I just went to Havana and was excited to try a new place that would be gluten free friendly from what the last woman posted in July. Unfortunately the server was not gluten free friendly nor was she even open to it. We didn't stay because I can't afford to get sick anymore. I am very disappointed by their attitude.